Entry #129

My cousin's UT syled drawing

2016-10-02 01:53:23 by Ultrabi


By: Marcos




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2016-10-02 15:45:06

Good XD

Ultrabi responds:

I will tell him :P


2017-10-07 07:17:19

Did you expect people to forget you?

Ultrabi responds:

Dunno, I just kinda left this site without any reasons at all, I am always here, but never "doing" anything to my account, but yeah, I think I'll just come back and show the stuff I do, but not as actively as I used to do.


2017-10-08 05:29:47

I miss those times you worked, it's time you started making animations.

Ultrabi responds:

Yes, I really miss those times, I think I will start animating again soon.


2017-10-18 14:30:38

So why not start right now to create and make animations? This is a really good time. Do not wait for this day when everyone will forget you.