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My cousin's UT syled drawing

2016-10-02 01:53:23 by Ultrabi


By: Marcos



Dr. Robotinik UT style

2016-10-01 19:45:54 by Ultrabi

Look at him o3o


I made from 0 so it took a while XD



Have something cute

2016-08-20 21:28:46 by Ultrabi

Cuz I'm inactive so have something kinda cute:



Also check out my Geometry Dash acc: Ultrabi

I post good maps and suck at playing :D




Left is mine, right is original.

Dunno wich sucks more.



bunch'a stuff I make in my free time

2016-03-31 23:03:00 by Ultrabi

4962874_145952068691_AllcustomspritesmadebyUltrabi.pngFree time.

Edit: Dreemurr Reborn :3


See you on Gamejolt soon

2016-03-19 17:34:31 by Ultrabi




Free time:


Colored it just for fun, if you'd like to know her color, there ya go (middle heart not sure if it is green, but it fits better).


And that papyrus sprite i've made, if ya want to use it for gaming pourposes or for animations, it's free, just need to credit.



Burgerpants fan-battle

2016-02-21 19:53:09 by Ultrabi

It was suposed to be a 2 secs long animation of a loop of a single attack, but that happened instead (btw not done).



4962874_145601049882_20.pngHalp me pls.



My work, your description

2016-02-09 15:48:19 by Ultrabi

Be creative.

By the way, make their names ok?